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Blog: A Troupe of Travelling Players (and a new hair-do)

Published by Westacre Theatre on

Time for another blog, wouldn’t you agree? Well, regardless of whether you agree or not, another blog is what you shall be getting. Here goes:

Last Friday we had some visitors – a troupe of actors. Good Lord! Actors?! In a theatre? What is the world coming to? A terrible situation, I know. They can be quite a nuisance. Particularly during the winter months. I think the cold drives them inside. But luckily, these actors were far from a nuisance, and they did not come empty-handed. They came bearing the gift of a full house.  In return, we let them use our stage, upon which they could perform their new play, Parachute.

The play, set in wartime Norfolk (as evidenced by the accents) focused on the relationship between a local family and an American airman, who turned up, drunk, in their garden. It had much to commend it – moments of laughter, moments of sorrow, very few technical demands. All the usual things one looks for.

Okay, perhaps not everyone looks for the last one. But it is a virtue in a touring production. Touring companies, in advance of their visit, send us a “Tech Rider”. The one for this production was pleasingly brief; warm wash, cold wash, down-stage centre spot. I needn’t have come in early.

They even brought a technician of their own. A sound engineer called Mark, who came with an extraordinary amount of equipment. Mercifully, I didn’t have to learn how it all works. Unmercifully, I did have to learn how to change the wheel on my car. Not as part of the play, though. As part of needing to be able to get home; my car decided to sustain a puncture, you see. Courtesy of a nail.

Irrelevant car stuff aside, Parachute was a very enjoyable production, and if you have opportunity to see it at another venue, then I recommend you do so.

Incidentally, we have two more touring productions coming to us during April. The Hound of the Baskervilles and Those Magnificent Men. On the 17th and the 24th respectively.  But I’m sure you know that already. After all, they are on the website; right next to where it says “Book Tickets”. Just thought I’d remind you.

In other news, I have been made aware of the dangers of the backstage area. During our run of Bedroom Farce, the backstage area was playing host to a pair of crimping irons. I have long hair. I think you can see where this is going.

It seems I was to have my beautiful locks clamped into a hot, zig-zag mould. The main perpetrator behind this plot was Sadie Grist, who is notoriously cunning in such matters.

Well, naturally I riled against this slight against my personal freedom. I did not come quietly. I fought back the whole way by calmly following Sadie to the dressing room and obediently sitting still for an hour. But despite my potent protestations, I had no chance. I just can’t say no to a pretty lady who wants to play with my hair.

And the end result was, admittedly, rather good. I may have to get some crimping irons for myself. I’d like to try using them on my clothes. That sounds like fun.