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Blog: (Belated) Happy New Year!


It seems that 2015 is now upon us. Anyone managed to keep their New Year’s Resolutions this long? Anyone at all? No, I thought not. Perhaps I’ll have more luck with mine; to update this blog. So, welcome, one and all, to what I hope will be the first of many a blog post to grace your screens in the year to come!


Now then, what is happening at Westacre Theatre this year? Well, what are you asking me for? I’m afraid I’m not the wealth of information you seem to think I am. Have a look at the brochure, instead. That’ll tell you everything you need to know. There’s a new one out. It came out only last week and it’s a good one. I mean, really good. Here, have a look. Jam-packed full of films, livestreams, workshops, visiting productions, music, a couple more films and, of course, a healthy smattering of our own in-house productions. It’s going to be a busy season.


To add to the busyness, and following on from our successful Food Fridays, we are introducing the Riverside Café. Open on Wednesdays to accompany all those films I mentioned, the Riverside Café will be serving my personal favourite type of food: lunch. If you are more picky than I am, and would like to know what variety of lunch can be expected, then have a look at the menu. It’s on the website.


Oh, here it is. Click that link to have a look.


But of course, before all that can happen, there is spring-cleaning to be done! We want the place looking spick and span for the new season. The nooks shall meet with a feather duster. The crannies shall meet with Henry the Hoover.  And the resident spiders, Geoff, Clara and Sebastian, shall be evicted. They haven’t been paying the rent.

There is also the unenviable task of cleaning under the seats in the auditorium. This may prove to be quite an adventure – who knows what we may find? Precious jewels? Ancient Byzantine gold? Or bits of old gels and dustbunnies? A veritable treasure trove awaits! I shall report back in the next exciting instalment of the Westacre Blog.


In the meantime, you should book tickets for something. How about Treasure Island? That’s coming up quite soon. Hope to see you there – I shall be comparing bounty with Long John Silver! Ta-ra!



Blog: New satellite dishes up some treats!

We, of Westacre Theatre, were recently blessed with some new equipment. An enormous satellite dish being the most noticeable addition. Or it would be, if we hadn’t hidden it ’round the back of the theatre where no one can see it. Probably for the best – it’s not a particularly attractive satellite dish. None of them are. But they can be very useful. The one we have allows us to do something very clever. It allows us to watch Sky TV.

Blog: Work – An Experience to Remember

When I received the email saying that Westacre Theatre had accepted my work experience application, to say I was delighted would have won the award for ‘Understatement of the Century’. Having been a regular at the theatre’s young people’s workshops for a grand total of six months, I was over the moon to have been given the opportunity to spend five working days – from the 13th to the 20th July – in what I can quite safely say is my favourite place to be. At the time, I hadn’t the faintest idea of what Isobel and Andy would have me doing, but I was certainly all set and raring to go.

Blog: A ‘Techs’ Message

Directors direct. Actors act. And us? Well, we do what ever it is we’re told to do, really. It is our job to make sure that there is a set for the actors to perform in, and then to point lights at it. We are, for lack of a better term, the “techs”.

Blog: Two’s a crowd by David Connor

Regular visitors to Westacre might have spotted something of a trend in our plays over the last few seasons (apart that is from the usual high quality performances and, we hope, entertaining productions). It’s all about the numbers – of cast members that is. It would seem that, looking at recent productions, two is very much company on stage at Westacre.

Productions of plays for solo performers have been limited at Westacre to the work of one man – the inimitable Alan Bennett and his hugely popular Talking Heads series, many of which have been performed to great acclaim over the years in the studio theatre. And of course we’ve had innumerable plays that require three or more actors – Alan Ayckbourn usually peoples his plays with several couples at a time (I should know – I’ve played many hapless husbands to exasperated wives in several Ayckbourn plays). Musicals tend to require an army, but one that can sing and dance with military precision.

Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn

Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn


Just Between Ourselves by Alan Ayckbourn









Blog: Midsummer Mystery Walk at Westacre Theatre – Sunday 22 June 2pm

The Idea…

The idea of a ‘walk’ came about during a discussion at a Fundraising meeting about how we might raise money to buy a defibrillator for the theatre.

Summer was coming up and the grounds surrounding Westacre are so lovely that we decided initially to have a ‘treasure hunt’. This idea evolved into incorporating clues from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We decided that the ‘treasure’ element was the treasure of the beautiful words of Mr Shakespeare in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. So, in the space of about half an hour, during a fundraising meeting, our Midsummer Mystery Walk began to take shape.

Finding clues about moons, and clocks and apple trees ….was fun!

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Blog: to tweet or not to tweet…that is the question.

Friday 9 May 2014

Entering a new 21st century era at Westacre Theatre – to tweet or not to tweet…that is the question.

To say we had been ‘dragged’ into the 21st century here at the theatre, technically speaking, would be a considerable understatement – ‘forcibly wrenched’ would probably be more accurate.

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