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We are very sad to learn of the death of John Mardle.

His wife, Lesley Mardle, who died in 2020, will be familiar to many regulars at Westacre Theatre for her stunning performances in many productions over the years. However, behind the scenes, her husband John was also a stalwart of Westacre Theatre in his own right. For many years he worked tirelessly during the summer months, alongside Andrew Smith, to help create the stage and auditorium areas for the open-air site against the backdrop of the Abbey Ruins. Each year this task would take many weeks – preparing the groundworks, erecting the scaffolding, manoeuvering large rostra and stage blocks – all done on a voluntary basis and without any fuss or fanfare. And then, each year, when the season had opened, John would assume his other role as Bar Manager, shifting barrels, pulling pints and serving thirsty punters and actors alike until the last of them rolled home.

Together John and Lesley Mardle were a tour de force and Westacre Theatre was extremely lucky to be able to draw upon their skill and talent for so many years. We send our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to their sons Tim and Robert and their families at this sad time.

Lesley (1948-2020) and John (1945-2023)
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