Box Office: 01760 755 800

Patrons: Stephen Fry and Sir Antony Gormley

Meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, the joining the Riverside Readers is a great way to:

Introduce you to authors you’ve never heard of and a variety of books you haven’t tried before.

Reintroduce you to old favourites.

Discuss your ideas (and a lot of other things too!).

Make new friends in a Covid-safe environment.

Subs are due on 4th January. Just £24 for the whole year!

The Book Swap 

At our Decmeber meeting we will be holding the Book Swap. Please can members bring a book they have read during the year, not discussed at the book group meetings. Please wrap the book up in newspaper, brown paper or anything else you have at hand.

The books will be placed in a pile and  each member will choose a book to discuss in January.

Upcoming books:

6th October – Educated by Tara Westover

3rd November – The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

1st December – Excellent Women by Barbara Pym

5th January – Book Swap

For more information please contact Lynette Brinsdon at [email protected] or on 07900 570765.