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LAMDA Acting Grade Tuition

(Gold Award = 30 UCAS Points)

Camilla has extensive experience with LAMDA exams and can offer up a 100% pass rate so far! She will guide you through the syllabus will encourage you to challenge yourself and to love the speeches you perform.

The Lamda acting grades allow you to develop your vocal, physical and interpretive skills whist delving into characters and exploring the background of dramatic texts. Alongside producing authentic performances of your chosen scenes, we will also explore the context and characters within them.

Working through the grades will help you develop clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwright’s style, the influence of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and a sensitive appreciation of subtext.

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Arts Award

(Gold Award = 16 UCAS Points)

Arts Award is a creative programme of study that offers 5 to 25 year olds the opportunity to work towards gaining a recognised qualification. Camilla will coach you towards developing your existing creative arts skills, learning new ones and sharing your skills. Run in conjunction with Art Council England, these awards can enhance your CV as well as your knowledge and confidence.

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One to One Coaching and Audition Prep

Camilla is also offering Private Coaching Sessions. Regular training is recommended for the best and swiftest progress, however one off sessions are available.

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