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Blog: My Absent Valentine

As I write this I am sat in the control room watching Casablanca. Not for fun, you understand. This is work. And tremendously hard work it is too. The beautiful subtlety of the lowering houselights. The expert twiddling of the volume knob. The highly skilled manner of pressing ‘Play’. Not Read more…

Blog: The Autumn so Far

Time for a blog, methinks. Yes, you all thought I’d forgotten about these didn’t you? Well, no such luck, I’m afraid. Why the delay in blogging activity, then? Do you remember that thing that happened a while ago when the sun came out? I think it was called “summer”? Well, Read more…

Blog: The Siege of Westacre

27.05.15 0945hrs: A large number of vehicles are arriving in the car park. They appear to have coordinated their arrival. This is most unusual. 0955hrs: I have been observing these vehicles for some ten minutes now. Their behaviour is most irregular. They enter the car park, eject a child, and Read more…

Blog: New satellite dishes up some treats!

We, of Westacre Theatre, were recently blessed with some new equipment. An enormous satellite dish being the most noticeable addition. Or it would be, if we hadn’t hidden it ’round the back of the theatre where no one can see it. Probably for the best – it’s not a particularly attractive satellite dish. None of them are. But they can be very useful. The one we have allows us to do something very clever. It allows us to watch Sky TV. (more…)

Blog: Work – An Experience to Remember

When I received the email saying that Westacre Theatre had accepted my work experience application, to say I was delighted would have won the award for ‘Understatement of the Century’. Having been a regular at the theatre’s young people’s workshops for a grand total of six months, I was over the moon to have been given the opportunity to spend five working days – from the 13th to the 20th July – in what I can quite safely say is my favourite place to be. At the time, I hadn’t the faintest idea of what Isobel and Andy would have me doing, but I was certainly all set and raring to go. (more…)